Someone Was A Little Angry

December 27, 2012

This may be the best thing my ears ever witnessed on TF2.


Android Like Autocorrection in iOS 5 Review

November 11, 2011

I figure I make a video because I seen some comments that said they couldn’t find the plist file to edit and I give this feature a quick review.

Read it on Lifehacker:
Read and post comments on Sonny Dickson’s original blog post:
Download iBackUp Bot:

At 6:09 AM

October 2, 2011



September 13, 2011
Said the cow.

Video Games Mashed Up With Songs

March 7, 2011

Found these all on YouTube. Artists should do this more often.

The+Fresh+Prince+of+Bramble+Blast.mp3 Listen on Posterous

Bobby+Brown+The+Hedgehog+-+Every+Little+Spring.mp3 Listen on Posterous

Lady+Gaga+vs+Sonic+-+Flying+Battery+Romance.mp3 Listen on Posterous

The+Carnival+Beat+-+Lady+GaGa+vs+Sonic+the+Hedgehog+-+DJB0Y3000+Mashup.mp3 Listen on Posterous – Site Review

November 30, 2010 is not just another image uploading site. Well, it IS but it’s actually one step cooler than PhotoBucket, TinyPic and the rest. What makes this site better id the face that there’s no upload button or any OS dialogue box to search for your image. You simply drag n’ drop your image(s) into the browser and they get uploaded. That’s it. When you upload one or more photos it automatically makes galleries and to add more images to a gallery, you go in that gallery and simply drag n’ drop again.

It’s just that simple, really.

A Short “Review” Of Sonic 4, Episode 1

October 26, 2010