Not Even That Time Of The Month

March 29, 2007

first… new random photos.

New Display
Over Your Head
Pink Building
Really A Million?
What It Say?
Stupid Kids
Car Lights 2
Car Lights
see these and more on my flicker page.

now, as for work… i was late Thursday.
but it was still busy as usual.


Just So You Know

March 28, 2007

my fingernails seem to be growing back a little.
that’s all i got for now.


March 26, 2007

i did my 8 hour shift yesterday… yesterday being Sunday the 25th for the dum-dums.
it wasn’t as busy as i feared it was going to be. but, i can always be wrong another Sunday.
i picked up my check for for the paid training and i was told i get my regular check Thursday.
i guess it’s a weekly thing because they would normally hold your first check for 2 weeks.

i must say, i need to move due to the negros all of a sudden acting up in my neighborhood.
i don’t see why the police don’t just beat them over the head and lock them away.

well, even tho i barely promote my Doomsday Weekly due to my lack of actually writting anything, i may add another WordPress and make that the main format.

I’ll Never Get It

March 26, 2007

the word is: depot.
the T is there yet it’s said as “depo”.
why even bother with the T?

to look all fancy i suppose.

Alone Time

March 22, 2007

so, i get to work at dreaded 3 pm… well, 2:30 actually.
anyways, i get there and a co-worker Maria was there.
then like magin she leaves. i thought she was taking a break.
ohhhhhhhhhhhh no-no-no-no-no NO!
she went to go home.
that’s right i was left to fend the Deli Fort for myself.
luckly i got some help from Jeff from Pier 14 (the fish section).
thank god for that… or i’d go more crazy.

to put a smile on thy face, on the train ride back home, a man in woman’s clothes was on the train.
i must say, he pulled it off looking like a female in the face until i was thinking he looked like HBK in drag.

What Do I See?

March 21, 2007

Deli View
click to see more photos

if you worked here, this is your view.
look at that ocean… ahhhh.

The First Day

March 20, 2007

so, day 1 was so-so ok. not many people came by to make it a heavy workflow.
of course, that’s just today.
i took 3 photos of the joint that you can see on my flickr.
i have to get in the swing of it all but, i hope to do a better job at it. but, i’d do better if it was a full team working there.

heh, heh, heh.