Site Idea

May 31, 2007

not for this site… not yet anyways.
i actually think i may have came up with a website idea. i don’t want to blurt it out here but… it will require a team of nifty WebHeads.


Yahoo Widgets: Flickr Widget

May 25, 2007
Get Flickr Widget at the Yahoo! Widget gallery!

download this if you have the Yahoo! Widgets installed

Do This

May 20, 2007

go to, on the left menu (it’s the only menu on the site, duh) click “videos” then on “waste”.

that’s all.

My First Manga By Fisher Price

May 10, 2007

i must say… i never had a chance to get my hands on a manga but thanks to my paycheck and, i found my first ones: FLCL Vol. 1 and 2.

it’s kinda weird how i manage to get more into taking random photos than web design and PHP.


May 2, 2007

yes, i gave up on my iPod. just thought i’d say that.