You Know… It’s So Funny, It’s True

July 29, 2007

Cheating Time

July 29, 2007

ever seen Clock Game on TPIR (The Price Is Right for the slow)?
ok, so, read what Wiki says in Gameplay for it.


ok so you saw the last part about the shourtcuts in the guessing price range, right?
looking back on that, wouldn’t that be kind of… CHEATING?

As I Sit

July 18, 2007

this am crazy.

Thinking Out Loud

July 17, 2007

i want a Wii but i also want a laptop.
plus, i would need a tv for the Wii.

CSIII: Adobe

July 11, 2007

that’s right. i “upgraded” to the new CS3’s.
now, to actually put some work into them…

Taste Of Outsanity

July 11, 2007

well, here’s the fireworks video.
don’t get too excited now…

Taste Of Chicago

July 4, 2007

yesterday, me, my dad, and my brother went to the Taste Of Chicago’s Fireworks show.
if you care to look, i took some photos.
i have a video but i’ll have to add that later.