More Internet TV

August 27, 2007

not sure if people know of this site…

so, now they gave me an assload of hours this week.
*sigh* either they trying to kill me or make me quit.


Lay Outside

August 21, 2007

i kind of want to make a new layout for my site.
but, that would take time and thinking power.
i’ll stick with this i guess…

for now.

Winter Came Early

August 16, 2007

so, i started work at like 2 yesterday.
it was kinda slow so i was like “ok, this shall be easy for once”.
was i wrong…


i mean… breading the fried chicken and preparing the roasted chickens is fun and all. get away from the douchebags that are called customers.
but what i hate is having to be in the freezers.
yes, i said FREEZERS.
i swear…. them sons of bitches are worse than the coldest day in winter.
altho, i got to go home early.
that’s a plus.

And A 1, 2, 3, 4…

August 16, 2007

two all beef patties.
no special sauce
tomatoes and cheese.

so, was that even close?

Scope It!

August 15, 2007

i think it’s time i brushed my teeth.
mouth feels way beyond nasty than usual.


August 8, 2007

iTube is a copyright of my mom.

High Rumble

August 3, 2007

why would people just ruin a good thing?
this is towards what happened at work last night.
the dude came in high… so i assume he was.
just moving slow and like… slow.
it was a night i wish i could had just left early.


on a lighter note, there this rather odd game me and my brother play that i kinda like now.
it’s called Rumble Fighter. it’s like an online fighting game with generic looking anime characters.
i be am a n00b still but if i can get my hands on another USB controller… i’d still be a n00b but with better control.