Nip/Tuck (HTML Edition)

[Listening to: Blue Monday – New Order – Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories Soundtrack Vol.7 – Wave 103 (07:24)]

ok, so…
i may have posted about a possible new layout.
i still plan to.
just my whole web mode has been over ridden by taking photos.
so what’s in store for the site?

1. same shitty design made by me
if for some reason my layouts/designs blew you away, it must had been a fluke.

2. splash or blog
i figure now is the time to make the entrance something worthy or whatever.
usually when i see other people’s websites, they have like these fancy premade layouts but it’s usually the blog you first see.
nothing against that but… if i come on your site, i don’t want the first thing to see is you bitching.
like… maybe make it the 2nd page. but i do need something eyecatching so the blog may be the first thing.
i was thinking of like a splash image that i can change whenever i can. but, what to put would be the question…

3. Doomsday Weekly
this was to been my mock newspaper/mag.
i think it’s a good idea but i may have to make them in Adobe Acrobat.
assuming i can get more people to add in articles and maybe actually read the shit.

4. comics
now i did want to display my cartoons on here or my dA toon page.
of course i’d have to get use to the wacom. been like 2 or 3 years and i still haven’t mastered it yet. god damn shame.

5. adding/removing of pages
yes, i still intend to put other content on here.
here’s a inside hint: the photos page will be gone since i have my flickr account.

that’s about all i can munster for now.
shut up.


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