October 10, 2007

well, it’s possible i may be losing my site.
losing my site will be like me losing my whole personality.


LOL In Terror

October 10, 2007



October 7, 2007

ok so i fixed the blog.
turns out if i added a single celled table in the content div layer… it displays correct.
i guess that was worth no sleep.

i happened to stumble apon this site.
not sure what to make of it but i found something i seen before.
make sure you send this to grandma:

Updated Finally

October 6, 2007

so, as you see, my site it updated.
except for some reason, the blog wants to act up and not display.
so… i’m too tired to try and figure it out.
maybe i should just remove it altogether.
no one reads this anyways.


October 4, 2007

ok so the new layout of the site is… going ok i think.
playing with div layers it fun yet fustrationg.
all i need to do is just change all the pages here and whatnot.
now, getting the blog on the new layout is going to be a real bitch.

i been scouting craigslist for jobs as one person told me in my building.
yeah, i know but, i never been on the site so… shut up.
i found a few good jobs but 2 caught my eye for sure.
so now i have to dust off the resume.
my tiny 1 and a half page resume.

Don’t Be Alarmed!

October 1, 2007

look at this at 9:00

Head Like A Hole

October 1, 2007

is it possible that Trix are the holes of Fruit Loops?