Target Adventure

November 21, 2007



Cup Of Sugar

November 17, 2007

the world of file sharing is somewhat doomed.
about last week or so, my favorite torrent site, Demonoid, got shut down.
then TorrentSpy was blocking anyone from the USA to do anything on the site except look at it’s layout since August so says Wiki.
goes to show you that MPAA and CRIA indeed, my good readers, are douchebags.

incase you have no idea what torrents or file sharing is, it’s basically like this if you think about it:
you know how your friend may have the newest CD/DVD and you ask to borrow it and they let you?
that’s basically file sharing.
you know when neighbors borrow eggs and sugar from you?
file sharing.
so far, you got the jist of it… i hope.
now, think if everytime you borrowed these items, someone comes along and says you’re stealing and puts you in jail.
that’s what el dos douche-o’s (the 2 douches) are doing.

i find it weird how we have a retarded president (voted in by retarded people) who does nothing but send troops to die over another country but the main focus is file sharing.
don’t they know if one falls, at least 5 or more will be built up?
maybe if all these things didn’t cost so much, we’d actually pay for it.
so i think.

so, i guess when someone says “this is a free country”, they are lying.

this is about the longest post you’ll see from me so you better get used to this one.

8 Legged Freak

November 4, 2007

i didn’t know about this but… Spiderman 4 is being made.