PWN’d By MySpace

[Listening to: Terrible Lie – Nine Inch Nails – Pretty Hate Machine (04:39)]

so, i was reading this article on the News Channel on the Wii and it still amazes me that people get upset over text on a digital realm.
i guess the shocking part was they said a mother and 18 year old “employee” (a.k.a. someone the mother was fucking) made the fake page with the intent to iBully the little brat… i mean kid.

so, i guess the reason i’m even typing about this is to show that…

does it seem like deaths and tragedies is a new trend to boost more MySpace members?
i think so.

by the way…
it’s hard to listen to NIN while the Wii’s menu music is playing at the same time.

oh and MyDeathSpace now has t-shirts.
thought i’d point that out.


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