If you like OK Go, then listen to Here It Goes Again from Oh No.

ok well, i spent almost all of yesterday redoing this computer.
took out the old HD, which was like 120 GB (thumbs-down) and put in my 200 GB i been sitting on.
the worse part is reinstalling everything

If you like The Jacksons 5, then listen to Can You Feel It from Triumph.

i seen that Playstation finally released the PSP theme creator.
about time, i think. i have only 2 issues tho.
1. the new firmware: it added a new visual background in the music. i tried it out and it… does squat. what the hell does it do? looks like sand.
2. the internet radio: good idea but it would be better if the stations was organized so you can see what you’re tuining into rather than guess what it is coming up when you change it.

know what…
If you like Michael Jackson, then listen to Blame It On The Boogie from The Essential Michael Jackson.


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