American Failed Idol

As most people would not know about me but, I HATE American Idol.
Well, the competition part. I actually enjoy the tryout parts. Mainly the bad singers.
Funny shits.
Tho, I wonder if they are that bad in reality, why go on tv?
I think it’s just to get put on tv but in the WRONG way.

Like this dude here…
Just what the hell was he thinking? Let this be a lesson to anyone: Don’t listen to your friends!
Talk about being plain evil.

This one made me laugh until i fell out my chair.
Nice to know that American Idol can let super creepy fans that extra drive to be even more creepy.
Ain’t America grand?

This was funny but, I just Thought it was kinda nice to watch. You know you was waving your hands to this one.
Don’t lie.


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