Ok, so, I finally got to see Cloverfield.
First off, let me say now that there’s a possible chance i may give out things.
Not many due to me and my short yet bad memory.

As you know, it’s supposed to be shot almost like in a digital camera format.
F.Y.I.: I hate movies in that format. Like, are they implying that someone like me can make a grand movie and edit it on the computer? I’d say they are.
It’s supposed to be a government documanted film of this guy’s birthday party.
I’ll be honest and say all that part was unwanted crap so, let me skip some steps…
Supposed earthquake…
Statue of Liberty’s head in the street…
Lots of running and hiding…
Monster shitting out mutant spiders (yes, it shits out spiders)…
I could go into more details and whatnot but… why bother?
Just writting this review makes me want to do something else.
Let’s just say this: if you intend on seeing Cloverfield, save your money and download it.

As for me, I’m off to watch Kids In The Hall: Brain Candy.


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