Cloverfield The Game?

If you like anime, then watch Outlaw Star: Complete Collection from Bandai .

I was Googling up for some Cloverfield games. Like online flash games you’d might find on Newgrounds or Armor Games.
Of course, no one is that stupid to make that. But, judging from the Google serach I did, people are asking on game forums about an actual Cloverfield game for Xbox, Playstation, and Wii.
Now, I didn’t read any of these threads but, I figured I could, more likely, give reason why Cloverfield wouldn’t make a great movie-to-video game transition.

1) Motion Sickiness: judging fron news reports, the movie itself seem to have made people feel sick and almost vomit due to the way the camera is moved. Wouldn’t that more likely happen if it was a game? The answer is “Yes”.
2) Playability: I don’t really see it being an easy game to use your controler… At least from a Wii user’s standpoint. If you think about it, all you’ll be doing is running and “filming”. Even if you pick any of the other main characters, all you’d be doing is running around New York.
3) Likeability: to me, if I like a game so much, I will more likely play it again after beating it. Cloverfield as a game I’d see people more likely renting it unless they are like a movie junkie and buy it just to make it part of their movie related collection.

All in all, the idea of it would basically suck. Unless waisting money and time is something they like to do.
By the way: Kids In the Hall: brain Candy was FUCKING FUNNY AS FUCK!
Real funny shits.


2 Responses to Cloverfield The Game?

  1. Leon says:

    I don’t think they’d on purposely make the game bad.

    If they are creative enough they could make a great game which didn’t have to follow the movie that closely. Many books and comics get adapted into movies but can be quite different in the end. This would be same for the game as everything you go into needs someone to write the idea, their own take on the idea.. etc

    Basically I’m not gonna say that something is rubbish before it’s even seen the light of day.

    But on the other hand it could be a crap game if they make the effort to make it crap.

  2. Leon says:

    P.S I actually thought that they would let you choose military characters to fight the monster or even a choice to play the monster or the civilians… Just like in the game Alien VS Predator where you choose either Alien, Predator or Marine.

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