American Failed Idol

January 17, 2008

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Site Layout

January 11, 2008

so… post comments on how much you hate it.

I Don’t Know Why This Was Funny

January 9, 2008

i guess because it sounds dirty…

Dear Hillary Clinton

January 8, 2008

will you flash your boobs when you need to do negotiations?
will you “not have sex” with any of the male interns?
will you PLEASE get out of Harlem? not saying you can’t live there. just that you look…
out of place.

Even Jesus Had Mistakes

January 8, 2008

according to the news, Clinton (Hillary, that is) will more likely win.
so, does that mean if Obama fails, Oprah fails by proxy?

Easy Money

January 4, 2008 is one easy site to earn money from.
click the link and join.
all you need is a paypal account and that’s it.
go and click on the ads (they open in a new tab) and just wait.
no need to actually read the site. let the counter click to zero and wait for the checkmark.

it’s really easy, losers… i mean friends.

Take A Hit

January 4, 2008

thought: Britney Spears holds kids hostage, her sister is knocked up and yet… K-Fed is the better parent.
proof God smokes weed.