Step Up 2 The Streets

You might be asking “why did he post that video and why did I watch it?”.
I’ll tell you why. And it’s a stupid reason.
But, when have I ever made sense?
First of all, movies like this are RETARDED! Anyone who actually pays to see such a movie is a dum-dum as well.
I know there’s crap in the theaters but dance movies are like… super ultra crap. Even more crappy than cartoom movies with long musical numbers.
I loath cartoons with boring musical numbers.
But, I wonder who really would ever go see a movie about… dancing? What is the point? I used to see kids breakdance back in high school.
This is proof of what’s to come if we don’t get this Writer’s Strike over with: dancing movies.

Oh, and how weird is it that it comes out on Valentine’s day?
Nothing says “I Love You” like going to see Step Up 2 The Streets.
And if you do that as a date, expect to masturbate that night. Just a warning.


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