11 In The Wind

Many people who get into any job, like the video game industry for instance, do it to:
A. make good games
B. make loads of money
Who would lie and say they don’t do it for the money? No one would, right?
Not what I read on Yahoo’s front page at like 10:06pm (CST) just now.
According to this article on the Yahoo! Video Games page, this one paragraph made me almost fall.

“Ryuta Kawashima, the researcher behind Nintendo’s Brain Age series of games for the DS portable system, would rather be working than enjoying $11 million in royalties he could have earned from his creations.”

I’m sorry but… DUDE, YOU’RE AN IDIOT!
Am I wrong for thinking he should had taken that deal?
Ugh… so upsetting.

Speaking of upsetting news, Hollywood Video has not given me my dream job.
I mean, the manager said he had to work out the schedule due to people leaving and all that jazz.
It wouldn’t kill to call and say ANYTHING, you know.
Onward and forward, I guess.


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