I Wish I Was A Cat

April 30, 2008

Lucky bastard!


Note To Self

April 30, 2008

I hate Google Adsense and i’ll post why… well, given the time, later today.

Virus Scanners: Online Or Onsite?

April 30, 2008

So, here’s what is on my mind, the one person who’s “reading” this.
We spend good money on good antivirus programs like McAfee, Nortons, and NOD32. But, we all know one program don’t really cut it. If you didn’t know that, shame on you, meatheat. What I meant by that is that, depending on what program you use, it might not catch most viruses. Usually, and you can do this, you can add the free version of AVG and install it. Think of it as like a backup. AVG will catch some viruses that the paid protection may actually miss.

You may or may not know but, there are free online scanners that you can actually use as well. Quick math: the program you pay for + the free AVG + the online scanners = 3 and over virus scanners. So, just how easy is it? Well, most of them will require you to use Internet Explorer (IE) but, all you have to do is install some ActiveX and that’s it. Best thing is that some will delete your infected files while others will list off what and where infections so you can manually remove them…
or at least try to.

So, I suggest you give what I said a shot.

I hate Elmo. That was a random freebie.

Is This Possible?

April 30, 2008

Would it be possible for the makers of Firefox to somewhat make an actual operating system (OS)?
Like, it would come with the Firefox browser, of course.
I can see the Windows Explorer or Finder/Spotlight file browser almost similar to XYplorer (great program for you Windows users) with a tabbed file browser almost like Firefox.

I guess my question is: if this is possible, would it be better than XP/Vista and any Mac OS?

Dear Miley Cyrus…

April 29, 2008

Why don’t you just do everyone a favor and…

If we’re lucky, you’ll end up with topless photos on the web just like that other Disney Channel chick from High School Musical.
Since you’re a hillbilly, if you’re not banging your dad already, you’ll be banging Zack and Cody and other guys in the meth den for quick scratch.

Go away you teenaged Nazi!


As Seen On TV.com

April 29, 2008

Just so you know, I don’t mean the actual “TV.com” website in the title. It was supposed to be like a play on words kind of thing.

Anyway, on to the post.

Remember the good old days when we used to watch tv shows on that box called a “television”?
And, who could forget that addon that allowed you to record a show on a cassette tape?
Well, sorry to break your 97 year old hearts but, we don’t use those items anymore. They went out like dinosaurs. And, no, not the tv show. That was a funny show.

We all know the “wave of the future” for everything in life will revolve around high-tech methods such as computers and/or the internet. It wasn’t until the begining of YouTube people started watching tv on the net. Now, let’s not confuse streaming episodes and movies with downloading them (I don’t plan to go into details). Of course, what stopped that was all the lawsuits.

We have HD/DTV, Blu-ray DVD, TVio & DVR cable boxes and the rest of the crap that’s out. So, as I once asked before, if we can get our tv/movie content off the web off sites like Hulu and network sites and even file sharing, why bother even having a tv set? Why have a DVD player? What point is it to have cable, DVR’s, and TVio if we can just do all that in one box: the computer?

I can honestly say I only look at the tv for WWE’s Raw and some anime on [adult swim] (yay Inuyasha!).

WWE Raw Pulls A Sorprano

April 29, 2008

Yup, raw just went to black on us viewers.
Do they really need the ratings or something?

That’s all I got to say about that stunt.