A Quick Review Of Pikchur

August 24, 2008

I’ll make this short because I need to go out for a smoke.
Any asshole on the internet is more likely on Twitter and either post a link to a photo or uses TwitPic. Dare I say? Yes, I’ll dare. There’s a site that better than TwitPic or so I think anyways. It’s called Pikchur.

In Short, it’s almost like TwitPic except you can post your photo or link to the photo to Twitter, Plurk, FriendFeed and any other of these microblogging sites. The one thing it don’t have is the Google map of where the photos were taken/uploaded from. Bah… Who cares?

Logging on/joining is fairly simple. Just log in with whatever site you want and it’s done. Profile made. No, Snake, I am not kidding. If you never played Brawl, you wouldn’t get that last line.
Anywho… Go check them out. I’m betting you’ll enjoy it better than TwitPic.


My Rejaw Review, Somewhat

August 21, 2008

The new buzz on FriendFeed is a site called Rejaw. Maybe it’s me but just the title of the site seems to be a bit odd to say. Sounds like a word you say after a headshot. Like “j00 g0tz r3j4w’D” or some shit like that. I’m not very keen with the big and uncrisp font. So far, I was able to fix that with AdBlock. In short, it’s basically a Twitter clone. Think of Twitter and FrendFeed if they were to combine. Actually, Rejaw is more like a FriendFeed clone since you can embed and talk in conversations.

So, just what the fuck is the big hoopla? Hell, I still don’t know. People say that Leo Laporte has lead the way to making Rejaw the new Twitter. You mean like how Identi.ca was going to be the new Twitter? Or Plurk? Even FriendFeed was called the new Twitter when Twitter started fucking up shit. People, before you claim some new site a new anything just remember that there will be another site that will be better than the last one.

The only thing I’m doing with mines is posting swear words.
I’m still new on FriendFeed. Unlike the Titanic, I’m not jumping ship. Plus I can’t swim.
So, what’s my verdict? It’s ok. Nothing about it is grand enough to make me leave my Twitter and it sure as hell not any better than Twitter. So, go and join it if you want. That’s why God made “close account”.

MySpace: Social networking site, dating site, or another place to upload your photos?

August 11, 2008

Assuming people actually still be on MySpace, what is the main function for your usage? I can say I have 2 pages. One for me and one for my photos only. I only use the photos one since I take photos. I did meet one person off the site but… It just didn’t work out.

Now, as a social networking site, I’d assume it’s ok. It’s no Facebook but, Facebook is sucking wintergreen minty balls. If you overlook all the spam, and douchebags wanting to add you just to add someone, it’s ok. Hmm, spam and douchebags adding you? Sounds like Twitter.

As a dating site, I guess there’s some potential. I mean, if your goal is a hot chick you know you’ll never diddle then Godspeed. I must say, I’d rather use MySpace to date rather than meeting people face-to-face. At least I’ll know what I’m in for via MySpace unless they lied. But, who would lie on the internet?

MySpace also helps you meet Chris Hansen. Well, MySpace and AIM.
“Why don’t you have a seat right there…”

For photo storage, it works out for you if anything. No need to tag them and all the other taxing shit you’d do like on Flickr and Zooomr.

I know I overlooked their video feature but I don’t use it. It’s stupid.

Sony MyLo

August 4, 2008

Look at this thing… The Sony MyLo.
That’s a keeper.
My WishList.

Beijing Olympics 2008

August 4, 2008

If America was in the percentage of 100%, only 4-9% would watch the 2008 Olympics.
I could be wrong. Maybe people actually care about watching.