DestroyTwitter vs TweetDeck

I download and tinkered with DestroyTwitter. Is it better or worse then TweetDeck? Download and see for yourself.


One Response to DestroyTwitter vs TweetDeck

  1. iconz113 says:

    I have used them both and this is what I think, they are both great applications, and can do the same things except destroy twitter has the ability to be less obtrusive then tweetdeck. I think destroy twitter is the best unknown twitter application but I think that will change soon as its becoming more popular, its extremely smooth as well, at the moment I cant decide which of those two I want to use, I like how I can keep single columned while still being able to easily navigate with destroytwitter but on the other hand I like how I can have multiple search columns being viewed simultaneously with tweetdeck. Another feature I like with destroytwitter is that when I close the app it continues to run in the background which saves me space in my dock (osx). Your just gonna have to try them both, there really is no way to say one is better then the other, although the ability to view facebook updates with tweetdeck may be the deal-breaker for most.

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