Outsanity On The DSi

Outsanity On The DSi

As you see from the video, I gave my first look impressions of the Nintendo DSi. Please watch the video above. After tinkering with it it comes to me that there are a few things I wish Nintendo would had added or changed.

1. PictoChat – When messing with it alone, it’s just a sketching app. If you have family/friends then it’s a cool messenger/chat function. So, what change could I want with PictoChat? Um, maybe playing it with other DS/DSi owners online. I mean, the DSi does have WiFi. I think it could had been done but, Nintendo, like Apple, is withholding it for a new DS later on more likely so I assume.
Music Player – I think I addressed this in the video but… Who the hell uses AAC for a music format? Did Nintendo forget people use MP3’s these days? Maybe grandpa uses AAC but not the kids of today.
Camera – Nothing is really wrong with the camera. I know sooner or later we’ll see YouTube videos of people hacking the DSi’s camera to add a higher megapixel lens. But, I’m thinking some sort of video app or maybe using the camera on some sites with the DS browser like Seesmic or 12Seconds. For all I know, it may work on them sites but I haven’t tried it out yet.
DSiWare – I think the only “name brand” titles they have is Brain Age and Wario Ware. I’m hoping they will do this later on but they should have ALL GameBoy games to download. That covers the original GB, GBC (GameBoy Color), and GBA (GameBoy Advance).

As far as I can tell, these are the only changes I wish Nintendo would do. Do you think I’m right or do you have anything you’d like to see, reply to the post or the video.


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