Rejaw Gets It’s Jaw Broken

As of 3 days ago (of my blog post), Rejaw announced they will be shutting down. Rejaw was one of the new microblogging sites to come up with all the Twitter hype (as with all microblogging sites these days). Why is Rejaw closing? According to “Avatar X” he says
fuck…well…..not that i am all that surprised with what i was talking about the other day. numbers just didn’t cut it. so now we have that true microblogging forms in social messaging can be considered a failure with messagedance quick change of direction, pownce defeat (At least they sold out. thanks to Leah…….contacts..) and now Rejaw because it never had a clarity in any kind of monetization
That could be true. But, as usual, my theory is Twitter became such a powerhouse in microblogging. It’s shocking that is still alive. Kinda sucks to see a small site get eaten like a Pterodactyl drumstick on Fred Flintstone’s plate.

I guess my question is what site is next to go?

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