Does Sony Have A Right To Cry About A Price Cut For The PS3?

I saw this on Yahoo and I just had to watch the video.
First off, Sony, don’t be a bitch-ass baby, ok? A PS3 cost too damn much as it is. To make it worse, a Blu-Ray player itself (any brand) cost about the same amount. This is why Nintendo is kicking your ass. Sorry but, it’s true. Plus, adding the economic issues we have, there’s no way people will shell out almost 400 for a console/DVD player, 50-60 for games, and any things you’ll need.
Fron What I heard, the rumor is after Sony get’s it’s diaper changed, they will cut the price by 100 bucks. Maybe I’m crazy but if I wanted to beat the Nintendo Wii, wouldn’t it be better to make the price a little lower than the Wii itself? Again, that’s just me.

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