YouTube Comments: Helpful Or Hurtful?

Many people, when asked about YouTube comments, will say they are useful or stupid. Sometimes it can be both. Some people disable comments knowing the dumb fucks will post comments you may not need to see. Me, I’m 50/50 about YT comments. They can get annoying but, to me, it lets me know some other people out there was watching my videos. The most comments I ever get is when I do a video reply to my friend wobblebottom. And yes, I known him in real life. But it all comes down to personal choice.
For example:
*Your YT is all about something people can learn from (tech, beauty, how-to, ect.). Then comments will more likely be a useful tool.
*Your YT is basically a vlog then it could get crazy and become useless.
Unless your goal is to piss people off then you have nothing to worry about.

I don’t mind the comments I get. Majority of them are usually “unpositive” but I find them funny. People typing in all caps, misspelling EVERY word except racial slurs, the usage of “fagot/faggit” and so on. I just laugh at them.
That was me laughing at them.

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