If you never encountered this strange error in your Mac’s Terminal app, then you’re lucky. I, sadly, had made friends with this error gibberish sometime last month. I admit that I only use Terminal to make it talk and say swear words (example here). Yesterday, I figured that if there’s no way to find the answer, Google would find one. Boy, did it ever. One of the more reliable links on the Google search was to a post on the Apple forums. Skimming for anything that looked like a solution, someone posted a link saying “more help here”. Clicking on it, it went to a site that explains what’s causing it. And just what was causing the error? Two Google Talk plugins in the QuickTime folder.


It is coming from the Google Talk’s virtual video devices (but it’s probably not actually causing any trouble directly – see below) – which are installed here:
/Library/QuickTime/Google Camera Adapter 0.component

And the MacCam related functions are in these two files:
/Library/QuickTime/Google Camera Adapter 0.component/Contents/MacOS/Google Camera Adapter 0
Run strings on it (
strings “/Library/QuickTime/Google Camera Adapter 0.component/Contents/MacOS/Google Camera Adapter 0” | grep -i magiccam) and you get:

Anyway it’s not actually harmful and generally if you’ve a problem this is unlikely to be the cause of it. You can just [re]move the files as necessary to get rid the messages though your problem may well be somewhere else but at least you can eliminate it as a possible cause.

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