Twitter “Games” Are Annoying

We can assume everyone is on Twitter (like me: @Outsanity). Millions of people are posting the most brain dead things that you would think people that connects them some how. Beyond that, we can get and send important news and updated. We all know about apps and sites that pay you to post an ad once a while. Which brings me to the point of my post. Now, I don’t get or understand most of these Twitter “games” Like Spymaster and others.

As a Twitter user, I say if you must partake in these games, please, make sure you don’t annoy your followers. Me, I don’t mind only because I follow so many people I won’t notice the game tweets. Now, a DM is different. They can really bulk your DM inbox as well as your email. As a tip, if possible, please keep it from sending DM invites or flooding your timeline or you’ll end up losing your followers. No one likes to lose followers.

Oh, but this is not aimed towards the game players.

This is towards the sites that make these games. You people create these “games” for Twitter and my gut feeling says you KNOW what your game will do. All I want to say is you need to fix it so maybe it will stay on your website or options to post actions on twitter or not or maybe pick certain hours to post them. I’m not saying I hate or like these games. Just asking for some kind of fix, so to say.

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