Lala + Apple = Lalapple

I read on TechCrunch about how Apple acquired and My first reaction was: OH GOD NO!
If you never heard of Lala, it’s a site that’s almost similar to iTunes but you can listen to music for free for the first time but you get a 30 second clip and the option to buy the album or song real cheap. It used to be a CD swapping site from what I read. They even have an uploader that scans your music folder and uploads your songs and playlists so you can listen to the song you already own (legally or illegally) for free. If you never heard of Apple, you need to get out of that Amish community and get on the ball.
Now, it could be a good deal meaning more music that might not be on Lala will be available but Apple could raise the prices and/or intergrade movies, tv shows, and even the app store if they wanted to. I admit that I use Lala but have not yet to buy music yet. I use iTunes but refuse to buy music from there. I would rather use Lala because I can be someplace else and still access my music. We’ll have to see how this comes out but my gut feeling says “bad”.

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