The Forecast Calls For Heavy Rain

February 24, 2010

I was able to see a full game play of the new PS3 game that came out Tuesday called Heavy Rain. One way to describe it would be that it’s a suspenseful RPG thriller/murder/mystery type game that will keep you busy and thinking. The way I been describing it is “It’s not a game but more like an interactive movie”. Unlike a movie, it may take you more than two hours to play it unless you’re some kind of cheater and use the gaming FAQ sites. For shame. But, you can still bust out the popcorn and bring over a date for a cheap thrill. A $60 cheap thrill.

The story is about a man, Ethan Mars, who son is kidnapped by who they call the “Origami Killer” due to the fact that they leave a origami figure in the hand of the victims and leave an Orchid on them. You basically go through trial to test how much you love your son.
There are four main characters that you “control”, so to say. By control, I mean you are almost a director. There are times where you’ll move the characters but mostly what you’ll be doing is pressing or holding buttons to determine how the story will advance pending on the path you take. Rumor is there’s at least 22 endings so you’ll have to work hard.

The graphics are pretty nice but there will be times where you’ll have to hold and press buttons that you’ll have to hold the PS3 controller weird and risk some kind of cramp but the controls are not too much.
The game is rated M due to… Well, I won’t spoil it (YouTube might tho) but let’s just say this: Hot n’ heavy.

As I said, this game price is 60 bucks. You can get it a little cheaper if you get it used with some trade-in at GameStop. Most people say the game is worth the money due to the replay value (multi-endings and actions) and some say if you just plan to play it and get to the end, it’s a rental at most. Some say they will get a PS3 just for this game.
My final judgement: Rent it to try it and should you like it, then buy it.

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February 23, 2010

Spit Take

February 21, 2010
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Spit (2828 KB)

Spit happens.

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I Think It’s Called A Submarine…

February 3, 2010

iPod XL

February 2, 2010

So, we all know about the all wonderful iPad (“iPod XL” as it should be called) and buzz is some people see it as something wonderful and others see it as a disappointment. But, I’m not going to talk about it’s ups and down. Besides, it seems that the big downfall is that it don’t support Flash. I will say this: People need to remember that it’s pretty much a big iPod. If I remember, the iPod don’t support Flash so don’t expect the iPod XL to do so. Before you complain on YouTube and Twitter about how people are comparing it to the iPod, shut up and relax… Because it’s true. Sorry.
Now, my thoughts on it may be a bit weird but, I have to nitpick, you know.
The design i think is good. The fact that it replicates the iPod with a simple design makes it look nice. Not too keen on the prices. Put it like this: If I had the money to spend, I’d more likely get a Mac Mini instead. Even if I was to get one, for free, of course (*wink, wink*), I think the most I would do with it is use it as a digital photo frame that can also play YouTube videos. Mainly anime and Japanese batsu games. I mean, it looks good to display photos but to put your iPod/iPhone apps on it would be ridiculous to me. The one thing I don’t like that’s missing but, we all know Apple will add it on a newer model 6 months after it’s fully released, is no camera. It would be nice if it had an iChat app so that’s one interaction point lost. I can see this being ok gifts for grandparents to send and check their email.
What worries me is who in the hell will carry that thing around? It looks like something you would take with you on a long road trip or to do laundry. I can’t see people in Starbucks pulling out the iPad XL. Not to seen rude but, that would be a douche chill moment for me.
I guess that’s all I needed to say about this new Apple product. I could be right or I could be wrong but remember… It’s just an opinion.

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