Is Her Husband Named “Rusty”?

March 23, 2010
It’s a King Of The Hill reference.

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My Short Interview With The Devil

March 10, 2010

YouTube’s Classy Ad

March 4, 2010
Oh, I only wish that was some kind of joke…

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Steaming Your Mac

March 1, 2010
So, the rumors on Valve’s Steam game client is that it’ll be coming to the Mac soon. Steam released a client beta with a new 2.0-ish interface not too long ago which looks nice. There has been screenshots of Mac icons inside the Windows folder that contains all the Steam files. No one knows if it will be real or not but it’s possible they are hinting at a Mac client.
The question is what will this mean for people why have Macs and have a separate Windows pc just for gaming? Well, I guess they will use it for other p.c. gaming. But That would mean no more having to use VMWare Fusion just to play Steam. They will now be able to play it naturally on their Macs without any issues. As someone who plays on Steam (mainly Team Fortress 2) I’m excited about a Mac client. In my opinion, they should of had one seeing as there’s not many Mac games out there. I can see this as a huge plus for Valve.

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Bad Wording

March 1, 2010
I think I seen a porn video with that title.

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