Tumblr And Twitter Make A Wombo Combo

We all use Twitter and the many sites that help us send certain things to our friends/followers but do you really want to open multiple page after page logging in just to shorten a wordy update, share photos, video, and audio? I use these sites but the main one I use is Tumblr.
Tumblr, if you don’t know already, is a site that is a free online blogging site that anyone can join. You can post text, links, videos (upload or embeds), photos, audio, and even conversations. Plus, you can also use the themes or make your own custom theme using CSS. Fun time for all. So, what makes Tumblr and Twitter a “Wombo Combo” you might be asking?
In the settings, they allow you to send a link of your post to your Twitter. Now, the great thing is you can @reply someone in your post and if you have it set so it will post your link to your blog. Now, if you plan to type a looooong post or a big rant, next to the “Send to Twitter” checkbox there’s an edit link. Click that and you can edit the output to Twitter as if you was posting on Twitter. Becareful not to remove the “[url]” for that will make the shortlink to your post. Without it, you wasted your post.

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