Can I Say “Fuck #NewTwitter”?

September 20, 2010

Maybe it’s me but I’m already not caring about this new Twitter. Too many tech blogs talking about it and new features yet, no one normal (define “normal”) has it. Even by the time I get it, I’ll be more like this:


Another PSP On The Rise?

September 17, 2010
I was reading an article in GameInformer Magazine (you can also read it and see a mock up image here) that Sony was showing their publishing partners the new PSP that could be coming soon. Similar to the Go, it will have the sliding screen. The new things added are that it will have Flash storage, touch controls on the back of the system (and I assume the screen will be too) and will double as a smartphone by running the Android OS software.

My thoughts on this is it would seem like a smart investment in this day of age in tech as we have phones that just about do everything including playing games. To have a pocket game system that can run a phone software could reverse the look of a phone OS on a game system. How cool would it be to be on your PS3 and take a phone call within the system while you’re playing a game? The question I have is with Android being the first, will other cell phone service providers come forth and join in? The bigger question is when this PSP comes out, will someone figure out to “hack” it and run the iPhone’s iOS on it? Well, of course someone will. That was a silly question.
So, feel free to leave a response with your thoughts about all this.