R.I.P. 3/17/2007 – 9/3/2007

September 3, 2007

here lies my emplyment at Jewels-Osco.

it led a good time but it’s time i moved on to something in the city.
plus, i can also attempt to focus on getting shit together now.
despite what it may seem but, school is one of the focus.
it’s kinda depressing me to see people all happy about going to school.
i mean, i was happy too but… i was seeing it as a way to get out of the house.


More Internet TV

August 27, 2007

not sure if people know of this site…

so, now they gave me an assload of hours this week.
*sigh* either they trying to kill me or make me quit.

Winter Came Early

August 16, 2007

so, i started work at like 2 yesterday.
it was kinda slow so i was like “ok, this shall be easy for once”.
was i wrong…


i mean… breading the fried chicken and preparing the roasted chickens is fun and all. get away from the douchebags that are called customers.
but what i hate is having to be in the freezers.
yes, i said FREEZERS.
i swear…. them sons of bitches are worse than the coldest day in winter.
altho, i got to go home early.
that’s a plus.

High Rumble

August 3, 2007

why would people just ruin a good thing?
this is towards what happened at work last night.
the dude came in high… so i assume he was.
just moving slow and like… slow.
it was a night i wish i could had just left early.


on a lighter note, there this rather odd game me and my brother play that i kinda like now.
it’s called Rumble Fighter. it’s like an online fighting game with generic looking anime characters.
i be am a n00b still but if i can get my hands on another USB controller… i’d still be a n00b but with better control.

Duck, Duck…

April 17, 2007

Duck, Duck...

weird i was late to work and i seen 2 rabbits at Old Orchard Mall.

These Are NOT The Breaks

April 17, 2007

man, oh, man… i been working heavy like crazy. i mean CRAZY!
working long hours and whatnot. i must say tho… this image i took was worth it.
Sunset In The Burbs
click to see more

taken only at 8 pm.

i have a feeling the weather is letting up. it was actually warm for a change.
normally it would be cold at night but it was warm.
like i-want-to-stay-out-for-a-few-more-hours type of warm.

oh, i have new headphones.
lately, working got me interested in taking photos more than learning PHP.
i still plan to try to learn when i can, if i can.

Friday The Luckteenth

April 14, 2007

so, on Friday, i left the house early to get to work only to end up at wotk at like 1:06pm.
my manager told me that i encountered the Secret Shopper twice and lost points for one particulat thing.
some other stuff happened but… why bore you with details?

today, Saturday, was my day off but, i figured more money is better.
i added a buttload of photos on flickr.