Games To Movies

July 7, 2008

If you remember on April 1st, 2008, posted their joke known as “The Legend Of Zelda: The Movie” trailer. Like many people, I thought it would make a good movie just by IGN’s faux trailer. So, now I’m wondering “what games could be turned into movies if done right?”. I, kind of, made a list of games I personally think could get the big screen treatment.

*Halo – I don’t have Xbox but, I would assume it could be a movie if done right.
*Megaman – If done right, it could be a good series. The birth of Megaman and Dr. Wily and Sigma teaming up some how. Protoman being bad but then turning good.
*Mario Bros. – I know there’s already a movie about them but, we need an ACCURATE remake. The only correct thing is the last name (Mario Mario & Luigi Mario) and they were from Brooklyn.
*Sonic The Hedgehog – If he can have 5 cartoon shows and many comics, why not do a movie? The way they do Sonic in the games now, they can do the same for a movie.
*Paper Mario – I’m sorry but, I would pay to watch a well done Paper Mario movie. That’s just me.

This is just a small list but I’m sure there’s some I’m missing (and some I can’t seem to think of). So, I say go for the gusto and post a comment of what you think would make a good Game-to-Movie.


Does Playing Video Games Count As A Date These Days?

May 31, 2008

I’d like to think so seeing games these days are more involved than… an actual movie.
Of course, adding alcohol will enhance the date more.

So, I vote yes.

A Question To Anyone Who Can Make Programs

May 19, 2008

Would it be hard to make an emulator that can play all the classic system roms in one file rather than downloading millions of emulators?

You Are A Pirate

May 2, 2008

I read on Digg’s Gaming News section that’s related to that new wonder called “piracy”. — Crytek’s CEO gave an interview where he stated that Crytek can no longer afford to be PC exclusive. Crysis and UT3 reported similar levels of piracy – according to Mark Rein, Epic experienced 40 million registration attempts with illegal UT3 keys. Its easy to see that those two companies lost more revenue than AMD or Nvidia’s achieve in a quarter.

First off, it is kind of bad that piracy/file sharing/torrents actually caused a company suffer a loss that bad. The problem, to me, is that digital bootlegging is around due to some many things costing so much and might be, something we later on find out, crap to have. Don’t take what I say as me speaking for every user of file sharing. Everyone knows that if given the choice to pay the high price for Photoshop or to download a working cracked version or a serial keygen, you’ll say “pay” but your action will be “download it”.

Let me ask this: you know the games you can play from Yahoo, Big Fish Games and Reflexive Arcade? So, who would pay 20 bucks a game for games that you might get bored of before a full week will pass? Who wants to pay hundreds of dollars for editing software that you’ll only use for personal small projects?
I said this many times but, file sharing is no diffrent than someone buying the serial and sharing it with you. It’s like saying the government will arrest you for borrowing eggs from your neighbors or your parent’s car.

So, what’s the real answer to file sharing? The answer is: leave it alone.
Don’t try to punish people for getting their programs, games, music, ect. the way they want to.

I could go on about this but, LOST will be on in like an hour. Plus, I didn’t really want to dwell on this topic too long.

MacBook DS

April 15, 2008

I just want to know…
Is The DS Browser really worth it?

11 In The Wind

February 4, 2008

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