Sony MyLo

August 4, 2008

Look at this thing… The Sony MyLo.
That’s a keeper.
My WishList.


What’s In YourSpace?

June 9, 2008

I’m sitting here just wondering “What might make a social network site better or how to improve one?” and a few things have struck me. I’m doing this on the fly so, bare with me.

*Intergrade Twitter: Now, when I say “Twitter”, I don’t mean just Twitter. That includes FriendFeed, Jakiu, Pownce, and whatever other like sites there are. Since these are getting more and more popular, it would make sense to add them internally than adding a widget.
*No Apps!: I hate all apps. Facebook started that shit and it’s nothing but spam enhancers. Now MySpace started making apps (a complete ripoff from Facebook) and… well, it’s just stupid.
*Don’t Go Pro: I’m sure some people would pay for a pro account that will add extra features but, why not just push them out out of love of your community?
*Spam Control: Easier said than done in most cases. There has to be more than doing CATCHPA’s or making the CATCHPA more stronger. Tho, CATCHPAs that are in the login page are also good.
*No Privacy: Why do you bother to join a social community if you’re going to make yourself private? If you have something to hide, you might want to not be on the internet at all. That’s more of an “iPetPeeve” of mines.

I’m sure there’s more I’m forgetting but thi sis the list for now.

Help Me Win A HP Dragon And Vote For Outsanity

May 21, 2008

video –
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Join the new forums and vote for me, please.
I REALLY need this notebook.

You Are A Pirate

May 2, 2008

I read on Digg’s Gaming News section that’s related to that new wonder called “piracy”. — Crytek’s CEO gave an interview where he stated that Crytek can no longer afford to be PC exclusive. Crysis and UT3 reported similar levels of piracy – according to Mark Rein, Epic experienced 40 million registration attempts with illegal UT3 keys. Its easy to see that those two companies lost more revenue than AMD or Nvidia’s achieve in a quarter.

First off, it is kind of bad that piracy/file sharing/torrents actually caused a company suffer a loss that bad. The problem, to me, is that digital bootlegging is around due to some many things costing so much and might be, something we later on find out, crap to have. Don’t take what I say as me speaking for every user of file sharing. Everyone knows that if given the choice to pay the high price for Photoshop or to download a working cracked version or a serial keygen, you’ll say “pay” but your action will be “download it”.

Let me ask this: you know the games you can play from Yahoo, Big Fish Games and Reflexive Arcade? So, who would pay 20 bucks a game for games that you might get bored of before a full week will pass? Who wants to pay hundreds of dollars for editing software that you’ll only use for personal small projects?
I said this many times but, file sharing is no diffrent than someone buying the serial and sharing it with you. It’s like saying the government will arrest you for borrowing eggs from your neighbors or your parent’s car.

So, what’s the real answer to file sharing? The answer is: leave it alone.
Don’t try to punish people for getting their programs, games, music, ect. the way they want to.

I could go on about this but, LOST will be on in like an hour. Plus, I didn’t really want to dwell on this topic too long.

As Seen On

April 29, 2008

Just so you know, I don’t mean the actual “” website in the title. It was supposed to be like a play on words kind of thing.

Anyway, on to the post.

Remember the good old days when we used to watch tv shows on that box called a “television”?
And, who could forget that addon that allowed you to record a show on a cassette tape?
Well, sorry to break your 97 year old hearts but, we don’t use those items anymore. They went out like dinosaurs. And, no, not the tv show. That was a funny show.

We all know the “wave of the future” for everything in life will revolve around high-tech methods such as computers and/or the internet. It wasn’t until the begining of YouTube people started watching tv on the net. Now, let’s not confuse streaming episodes and movies with downloading them (I don’t plan to go into details). Of course, what stopped that was all the lawsuits.

We have HD/DTV, Blu-ray DVD, TVio & DVR cable boxes and the rest of the crap that’s out. So, as I once asked before, if we can get our tv/movie content off the web off sites like Hulu and network sites and even file sharing, why bother even having a tv set? Why have a DVD player? What point is it to have cable, DVR’s, and TVio if we can just do all that in one box: the computer?

I can honestly say I only look at the tv for WWE’s Raw and some anime on [adult swim] (yay Inuyasha!).

Twitter Is The New iCrack

April 28, 2008

hey Twitterites! do you follow people because they are popular, you need people to follow you, or you’re really interested in others doings?

That quote is from my Twitter I posted. I don’t expect anyone to reply but, I do wonder just how do people use their Twitter.

Most people I’ve seen use it to send updates like blog entries, project statuses and mini reviews.
Others actually micro-blog and use it almost as a 140 character IM.

Twitter is really neet to use either way.
So, how do you Twit?

Never Gonna Give You Up

April 16, 2008

i know people hate Rick Rolls but… this is THE master Rick Roll