Google AdSense Needs To Watch This

May 6, 2008

YouTube – Problem With Google Adsense

They really need to change the rules for cashing out, I think.


Angry At Google Adsense

May 1, 2008

I was supposed to made this post yesterday but got sidetracker… or lazy. Whichever you want to say.
So, here’s my issue with Google Adsense. It seems small but I demand some kind of change about this.

I have $32.49 in my total earnings. But, I can’t collect it because Google says i have to make $50-$100 and over in a month to cash it. That’s fine and dandy if I was doing like a social network site or something related but for a simple personal website/blog, I should be able to cash out whatever amount. If I remember, AdBrite lets you take out any amount. Even if it’s just 5 bucks, you can’t cash it out.

So, my next step is to try to find some form of a number or email to maybe someone who works in Google. An actual insider; not some customer service email bot. I mean, Google needs to change it so that if you’re providing a service such as a social network, online product, and whatever could make you seem like an iBusinessperson (yeah, I just made that up) that you can cash out if you make $50 to $100 and up but for people why are just putting ads on their personal site/blog, take out whatever amount you want.

That’s basically my rant about Adsense. Good service but they do need to make a change to the payment method.


April 14, 2008

Listening to: Howard Stern Spotlight – Billy West 1 (02-19-07) – Howard Stern – (4:58:20)

Today, I killed my site. Yes, I actually had to close my site because… well, I couldn’t pay for it.
Plus, no one ever went to it so, no one will notice.
So, now I’m back to using free blog sites like this… which no one will notice as well.
So, I guess I should ask myself: WHY THE FUCK AM I BLOGGING FOR?