A Quick Review Of Pikchur

August 24, 2008

I’ll make this short because I need to go out for a smoke.
Any asshole on the internet is more likely on Twitter and either post a link to a photo or uses TwitPic. Dare I say? Yes, I’ll dare. There’s a site that better than TwitPic or so I think anyways. It’s called Pikchur.

In Short, it’s almost like TwitPic except you can post your photo or link to the photo to Twitter, Plurk, FriendFeed and any other of these microblogging sites. The one thing it don’t have is the Google map of where the photos were taken/uploaded from. Bah… Who cares?

Logging on/joining is fairly simple. Just log in with whatever site you want and it’s done. Profile made. No, Snake, I am not kidding. If you never played Brawl, you wouldn’t get that last line.
Anywho… Go check them out. I’m betting you’ll enjoy it better than TwitPic.


Zooomr vs. Flickr: Who’s Better To You?

May 24, 2008

I assume everyone knows about Flickr and how it works so, I’ll skip to the meaty chunk, ok?

So, I signed up for another online photo community site called Zooomr (yes, three O’s). Now, i never heard of this site until i noticed Thomas Hawk had uploaded some photos. As usual, I joined it just to see what’s doing.

If you’re used to Flickr, then you’ll quickly adapt to Zooomr.
It’s the same method: upload photos and share them. The do have PRO accounts but compared to Flickr, I like it. Why?

Check-out some of these great Pro-Only features:

* Zipline Complete: Is page 1 just not enough? Zipline Complete gives you the ability to view all of your friend’s Zipline messages.
* Social Stream: Find tons of up-to-date social information from your Photos and Social Circle, all at-a-glance!
* Discover Pro: Want better exposure for your photos, Discover Pro shows the world photos from our Pro Users
* Better Support: While we help everyone as best we can, being a Pro will escalate your issues to the top of our lists.
* Ad-Free Layout: View Zooomr without the advertisements!

Most of the stuff listed here I don’t really mind but, you’re telling me I don’t have to pay for “Unlimited Photo Storage” and “Unlimited Sets/Collections”?
Already, I may switch to Zooomr for my photos.

OH! and Zoomer actually detects my Sony Handycam whereas Flickr only detects my Cybershot.

Sorry Flickr but… Zooomer is my new favorite.

You Are A Pirate

May 2, 2008

I read on Digg’s Gaming News section that’s related to that new wonder called “piracy”.

tgdaily.com — Crytek’s CEO gave an interview where he stated that Crytek can no longer afford to be PC exclusive. Crysis and UT3 reported similar levels of piracy – according to Mark Rein, Epic experienced 40 million registration attempts with illegal UT3 keys. Its easy to see that those two companies lost more revenue than AMD or Nvidia’s achieve in a quarter.

First off, it is kind of bad that piracy/file sharing/torrents actually caused a company suffer a loss that bad. The problem, to me, is that digital bootlegging is around due to some many things costing so much and might be, something we later on find out, crap to have. Don’t take what I say as me speaking for every user of file sharing. Everyone knows that if given the choice to pay the high price for Photoshop or to download a working cracked version or a serial keygen, you’ll say “pay” but your action will be “download it”.

Let me ask this: you know the games you can play from Yahoo, Big Fish Games and Reflexive Arcade? So, who would pay 20 bucks a game for games that you might get bored of before a full week will pass? Who wants to pay hundreds of dollars for editing software that you’ll only use for personal small projects?
I said this many times but, file sharing is no diffrent than someone buying the serial and sharing it with you. It’s like saying the government will arrest you for borrowing eggs from your neighbors or your parent’s car.

So, what’s the real answer to file sharing? The answer is: leave it alone.
Don’t try to punish people for getting their programs, games, music, ect. the way they want to.

I could go on about this but, LOST will be on in like an hour. Plus, I didn’t really want to dwell on this topic too long.


April 17, 2008

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