Twitter Vs. Pownce

May 6, 2008

Everyone is on the new iCrack that is called Twitter. I assume people use Pownce. So, what is the difference in the two?

Twitter is described as a “micro-blog”, status update, and a social network. Think of as a MySpace/Facebook minus all the crap.
Pownce is almost the same except you get options to upload files, post an image, and share an event on their calendar. Both sites are free except (I saw that coming), Pownce has a pro account feature. As far as I can tell, Pownce’s pro account only lets you customize your page with CSS. Are they serious?

My judgement: Twitter wins this one. Fuck a “pro” account to just use CSS.


End Of An Era

April 12, 2008

Looks like my unknowness will go further more unknown.
By that, I mean my site will be closing down.
No one goes to it even my “friends” who are too busy to click on Google Ads.

As for Google Ads, a.k.a. Adsense, they SUCK BALLS!
Right now, I have 32 bucks and some change. That’s 32 bucks I could actually use since it took me about 2-3 years to make it.
No, I have to make 100 bucks to cash out. At least with AdBrite, I could cash that money out now.